Way? Whey!

For the winter holidays this year I got the best kind of gift – one that keeps on giving!  I found myself the proud recipient of a cheese-making kit. This kit allows even the novice cheese-maker or intelligent 7 year old (with adult supervision) to begin crafting mozzarella and ricotta cheese.  I’m amazed at how simple it is.  I feel like an entire new realm of culinary experiments has been unveiled.  What’s behind the dusty bolted door at the end of the cooking tunnel?  Cheesemaking!  I’m still testing out how different techniques and brands of milk affect the final product.  It’s been a tasty experiment that I will continue to refine.

How has this ancient practice become so mysterious, relegated to the likes of Kraft or artisanal cheesemakers living on idyllic farms in Vermont?  I feel like I’ve conquered some invisible barrier set up by the food-producing giants and the Amish/farm-dwellers.

Has anyone else recently discovered the wonders of separating milk into curds and whey?







2 responses to “Way? Whey!”

  1. Pete Avatar

    Tell us more!! What have you made? How long did it take? Do I need to start making cheese at home?

    Can one use this to make Poutine???

    1. breadandbeta Avatar

      There will be future posts that go into more detail on cheese making. So far I have made mozzarella and ricotta cheese and both are delicious. I have a gallon of milk in the fridge waiting for the next cheese making night! It takes around 30-45 minutes to make either cheese – start to finish (including clean up).