Vegan Experiment

two brown eggs

We’re a little over halfway through a dietary experiment. Mike and I are trying out veganism for 2 weeks. It started for a number of reasons.

One, my Crohn’s disease has been more active than I like, spurring me to explore dietary changes.
Two, since removing dairy, we already eat many vegan meals and wanted to see if we can challenge ourselves to expand this to all of our meals.
Three, we went to The Boston Vegetarian Food festival and were inspired by the lectures, vendors, and samples.
Four, we followed up our day at the food festival by watching Forks Over Knives, a documentary explaining longterm health benefits of a plant based diet.

So far the experiment is going really well. It’s involved a little more planning and weekend cooking and prep. Controlling what you eat is not difficult when you eat at home or bring your lunch to work. The challenge is eating out, social events, and work commitments. We both survived our first individual challenges – Mike got a veggie burger while out at a pub with colleagues; I discovered that Legal Test Kitchen, although they have the most delicious looking seafood, also makes a mean vegan Pad Thai.

I do however, already miss eggs. It’s not too difficult to substitute for eggs in recipes or baked goods. But my love for the straight up egg has been no secret. I like them fried and boiled, in an omelette, for breakfast or lunch, and especially as a quick and easy dinner. Oh the incredible, edible egg. Sometimes a challenge to crack, you’re still the oval of my eye.

After our two weeks are up, we’re not yet sure how we’ll continue. Eggs-actly what we’ll do is still open to discussion.

And that my friends, is NaBloPoMo Day 3