Thinking of better things to cook

dreaming of cooking

I had all of these great ideas for this week of cooking. I wanted to try to make matzoh from scratch. Even Mark Bittman is doing it! Then I was going to make a beautiful egg white omelet with the leftover eggs from the Chocolate Pots Jars de Creme. Then perhaps I would make passover-granola, or even passover granola bars.

As Easter gets closer, I was going to decorate eggs (my favorite!). I hoped to make some Anise biscotti to bring to my Queens set of faithful taste-testers. I know it’s Passover and I shouldn’t be playing with the chametz. In my interpretation, as long as I don’t eat it, then it’s okay to have around. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to Mike (only a 1/4-Jew) if I didn’t let him eat leavened foods during Pesach.

All of these grandiose plans were left by the wayside by a cold. Except I’m so stuffy right now it sounds more like, “by plands were lebeled by a cold.” I’m not sure where this cold came from, but it came out of nowhere and sideswiped Mike and me. I stayed home yesterday to contemplate my pounding head and desire to sleep. Today I went to work. By the afternoon, I was thinking wistfully of our couch. So instead of cooking, I’ll sit on the couch and think of cooking.







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  1. Alisa-Foodista Avatar

    Hope you feel better soon. Just take it easy I like the drawing 🙂