The Great Italian Cookie Caper – the beginning

two loves of my life

I’m in love with an Italian (American) and I also am in love with Italian cookies. Since moving away from the Italian-American epicenter of Astoria, I’ve been sorely missing my Italian cookie fix. I know there are many places a short walk away from my office in Boston’s North End, that offer an assortment of Italian desserts. I’ve tried a number of these offerings. One was so horrible that I couldn’t even scarf down the entire cookie, and I had to throw the rest away. Others have been mediocre to passable at best. There are some that are even quite good. You can see I’ve been diligent in my search for the perfect cookie.

I’ve decided that I can do better than most of these bakeries. I’m on a quest to find an authentic recipe for my two favorite Italian cookies – Anise toasts (Anisettes) and Sesame cookies.

Does anyone have any cookie recipes they’d like me to try? Does anyone want to assist in the taste-test comparisons?


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  1. courtney Avatar

    It’s not on your list, but I have a pizzelle maker/iron and the family recipe if you ever want to make some. The are deeelish.