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  • ASP is not a snake

    I’ve been very busy these past few days eating, cooking, thinking about recipes, reading new recipes. It’s amazing how the time does fly! We are also experiencing yo-yo weather. Last week it was in the upper 20s one evening. Then we had an unprecedented amount of rain. Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees out. Today […]

  • Not your mama’s casserole

    The other night I was in the mood for something a little different. I was craving color. Do you ever get that? The urge to eat a specific food, or a specific color. I guess I was feeling that my food had been too monochromatic lately and I wanted something a little more vibrant. I […]

  • Rooting for Roots

    We’ve spent the last few weeks watching the winter games and cheering for team USA and our favorite Olympic athletes. Now that the games are over, I needed something else to cheer about. So, we’re rooting for roots! Root vegetables, that is. Maybe on a subliminal level I was inspired by the rainbow of team […]

  • No small fries for me – Hasselback Potatoes

    A friend sent me a link to a Hasselback potato today. I had never heard of such a wonder before! I could barely wait to get home and try my own version of this Swedish delight. We had a sweet potato and white sweet potato (or a yam and a sweet potato) waiting forlornly in […]