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  • More Mango, Peas

    I like how colors combine in food. I feel a bit like a painter as I create a meal in my head. Sometimes I find myself making a meal that is predominately one color, like this brown dinner. Other times, I like to see how many different colors I can use to make a meal […]

  • Perky 3-P salad: Pomegranate, Pecans, and Onion?

    I love salad. Growing up, we had some type of salad or vegetable with dinner every night. My dad also really likes salad. In the dead of winter, it might have been a plate of sliced cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. In the summer, it would be a giant bowl of garden-fresh greens. As a child, […]

  • Spring Chicken, dressed in Green

    The weather has gotten warmer and there is a bounce in my step. I want to eat foods that are vibrant and bright – bursting with flavor and excitement. And then it came to me, like a vision – what to do with the spinach. Thoughts of spinach and citrus and chicken floated in my […]