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  • Follain Beauty Store

    These past few months I’ve started to pay more attention not just to what I put in my body, but what I put on my body as well. I’ve always loved natural and small-batch bar soaps and have been purchasing from The Little Soap Shop (who we refer to as Soap Lady) for years. Mike […]

  • Gift of the Month: September Recap

    Although I’ve missed a few posts on our monthly dates (okay, most of the posts on our monthly dates), we’ve still been going on them. And that is really what’s most important, right? September might just have been our favorite date yet. Can you guess what we did from the clues? Moonlight canoeing on the […]

  • Crowning Glory – Wedding Cake

      This time last year, we were in the midst of wedding planning. Mike and I planned our wedding in a little over 3 months. Yes, I know this is not the usual planning time-frame, but it made sense to us. I didn’t want too much time to fuss over details. I wanted to get […]

  • February: monthly favorites

    February is typically a rather dreary month. This year it surprised us with mild weather and an extra day. As Valentine’s Day is right in the middle of the month, some of the interesting things I encountered have a theme focused around this day of love. This molten chocolate cake recipe has become a bit […]

  • The Boston Pie Experiment Recap

    Last Sunday Mike and I went to The Boston Pie Experiment at The Middle East in Cambridge. Last week I wrote about the pre-competition cocktail hour where I met the organizers and several of the contestants. You can read that post here. The main event was unlike anything I’d ever been to before, which makes […]

  • Vintage Caper

    Sometimes Mike and I have library dates. On one of their late hours nights we’ll meet among the stacks and share our findings. We’ll stand together and happily skim in silence. Mike usually looks at art books, poetry or thick classics. I seem to gravitate towards the same type of books every time. I’m not […]