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  • Weeding for dinner: Nettle Pasta

    I had one of those nights where I didn’t feel like cooking. I didn’t feel much like eating. My refrigerator must have sympathized with my despondent feeling; when I looked inside there were only a few sad vegetables, and some moldy bread. So, I decided to scrounge up what I could from the bottom of […]

  • Down the Rabbit Hole – Carrot Soup

    I’m sorry it’s been almost the entire weekend and I haven’t been able to post. My three faithful readers must be wondering what I’ve been up to. I was distracted by the 55 degree weather in February and the 80’s night at the Alchemist Lounge. It’s amazing that The Breakfast Club still holds up, even […]

  • Grill Pan Fan

    There has been much hype about a giant snowstorm across the entire east coast. In most places, it actually did become a big, enormous, once-a-decade snowstorm. Here in Boston, where winter is usually blustery and cold, it was 33 degrees out. We got a little snow, and then some rain, and then some snow; and […]