Tag: Gluten Free

  • Rhubarb Honey Ice Cream

    I hope you’re staying cool out there! Like nearly 2/3 of this country, Boston is in the midst of a heat wave. I’ve been enjoying the cool temperatures of office air-conditioning. I’m also gearing up to attend WordCamp tomorrow. In addition to more air-conditioning, I hope to learn more about WordPress. I made some changes […]

  • The Sweet Life: Breton Buckwheat Cake

    After a long time on the BPL waitlist, I finally received a copy of David Lebovitz’s The Sweet Life in Paris. I’ve enjoyed reading his blog, so I figured his memoir would be an equally enjoyable read. This book did not disappoint. Each chapter takes on a new idiosyncrasy of life in Paris. David is […]

  • A paler shade of sweet potato

    Sometimes, I just want to eat my meal out of one bowl. I don’t want to fuss with a salad plate, or a side dish. I want everything to be concise. Compact. Together in a nice little package. Somehow, eating out of one bowl doesn’t necessarily mean that the recipe is simple and compact. Usually […]

  • Egg in a Bag

    Have you ever had one of those perfectly poached eggs? Where the yolk dissolves like golden cream and the white is soft, delicate, and not the least bit rubbery? I do not have as much experience eating a poached egg as other types of eggs. This is because I will whip up a fried or […]

  • ASP is not a snake

    I’ve been very busy these past few days eating, cooking, thinking about recipes, reading new recipes. It’s amazing how the time does fly! We are also experiencing yo-yo weather. Last week it was in the upper 20s one evening. Then we had an unprecedented amount of rain. Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees out. Today […]

  • Supergrain to the rescue!

    Passover can be a difficult holiday. This is part of the reason I enjoy it. I like the challenge. I like to do without and relearn to appreciate something that I take for granted. It’s a time to think about all types of suffering the world has seen and continues to see. I like to […]