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  • Gift of the Month April Recap

    The clues didn’t all fit in the envelope, but they were a picnic blanket and some plastic ants. Can you guess what we did? We went on a picnic! There wasn’t actually any eating though, so can you still call it a picnic? We went to the Arnold Arboretum, where we got married last April. […]

  • Gift of the Month February Recap

    February came and went with barely a snivel of snow from the sky. Unfortunately, my brilliant February gift idea was to go snowshoeing! The beginning of the month brought optimism of a day frolicking in a winter wonderland, followed by a cozy evening, perhaps with a hot toddy or other warm beverage at a local […]

  • Year of Dates or Gift of the Month

    I like to give gifts that require thought, creativity, and usually assembly of some type. For my nearest and dearest I usually have a running list of ideas for gifts. If someone makes a comment in passing – maybe something they’d like to do, a book they’d like, or a place they’d like to visit, […]