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  • And we’re off

    Mike and I are heading off for a mini-vacation. We’re going to San Francisco for a few days! Luckily this is not in the flight path of that Icelandic volcano‘s eruption. I’ll see you when we return, full of new stories to share.

  • Get the Special – Trust Me

    I just saw a screening of Today’s Special at a South Asian Film Festival hosted by the Museum of Fine Arts. This movie won’t be shown in theaters until later this year. If you get the chance, see it at a screening or wait until the Fall release. This was one of the best movies […]

  • Me vs. The Moth

    I used to work for a luxury sweater company when I was in NY. One of the benefits of this job was cashmere. Lots of cashmere. I have more sweaters than a girl should. Or rather, than a normal girl might have. I am very lucky, especially when the weather outside is blustery and Boston-like. […]

  • Thinking of better things to cook

    I had all of these great ideas for this week of cooking. I wanted to try to make matzoh from scratch. Even Mark Bittman is doing it! Then I was going to make a beautiful egg white omelet with the leftover eggs from the Chocolate Pots Jars de Creme. Then perhaps I would make passover-granola, […]

  • What eggs-actly is the problem?

    With Easter and Passover right around the corner, the egg is the star of the Spring holidays. So, I have a confession to make. I have difficulty cracking an egg. It really makes no sense, especially as it’s a newly developed problem. Are eggs any different than they used to be? Could they have become […]

  • Cirkestra and The Unknown

    Last night we went to a show at the Brattle Theater, in Cambridge. After several misguided attempts, we finally figured out where the entrance is. If you go there, the theater entrance is on the left side of the building, just to the right of the box office. All other doors somehow seemed to lead […]