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  • Gift of the Month May Recap

    I bet you were expecting an October post! I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. October will be coming. I thought I should go back and share some of our earlier dates that I still haven’t posted about. So before the year is out, you may find some other out-of-sequence posts. I […]

  • Gift of the Month: September Recap

    Although I’ve missed a few posts on our monthly dates (okay, most of the posts on our monthly dates), we’ve still been going on them. And that is really what’s most important, right? September might just have been our favorite date yet. Can you guess what we did from the clues? Moonlight canoeing on the […]

  • Gift of the Month March Recap

    March gift of the month was a smashing success! As you can guess from the clues, we went bowling. This may seem like a typical date, if you didn’t know us better. I think the last time I bowled was at a birthday party in elementary school. I was so small that I couldn’t hold […]