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  • Dairy Free Molten Chocolate Cake

    I may have mentioned before that one of Mike’s favorite desserts is this molten chocolate cake. It’s so good it is sinful, and not the healthiest thing one could eat. So, we eat it only on special occasions. It’s become tradition that I make this cake every Valentine’s Day (or around there) for our special […]

  • Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme

    I can’t think of a clever title or anything witty to say for this recipe because this is one serious dessert. As such, I will try to maintain a serious mood for this post. Tomorrow night we’re hosting our first Passover Seder since moving to Boston. I’ve been thinking about the menu for some time. […]

  • Little bit of Heaven – Valentine's Special

    I have a special secret-weapon dessert that I make maybe once a year. Twice if Mike is extra good. I can’t claim to have created this recipe, I am just glad that I am fortunate enough to be in on the secret. The recipe came from my sister, I think she saw it in a […]