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  • Quick and Easy Chicken Leg Dinner

    Quick and Easy Chicken Leg Dinner

    For everyone here in the northeast, you’re probably sharing in the sweltering heat of these past few days. It’s been perfect grilling weather. In fact, it might actually be too hot to grill. This combined with the fact that our backyard is currently undergoing a transformation leaving our grill inaccessible and we’ve been cooking inside quite […]

  • Orchard Fresh Chicken

    Growing up, I always took it for granted that we had all the fresh apples we could eat. I grew up in the heart of apple country in upstate New York. The bus ride to school passed more cows and apple trees than I could count. Our generous neighbors let us roam their acres and […]

  • Grill Pan Fan

    There has been much hype about a giant snowstorm across the entire east coast. In most places, it actually did become a big, enormous, once-a-decade snowstorm. Here in Boston, where winter is usually blustery and cold, it was 33 degrees out. We got a little snow, and then some rain, and then some snow; and […]