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  • I’m ba-ack

    October has come and gone, and for the first time, I’ve neglected to make even one little post over the course of a month. This was a month of ups and downs that required my full attention. October started with a trip to San Francisco to visit my sister and attend a friend’s wedding. I […]

  • Something Cookie-ing

    I’ve been busy in the Bread and Beta kitchen lately. There are many recipes and stories I want to share with you. Yet for now, I’m working on something new. It involves sharing in the real, physical world, not just the virtual cyberspace world. If all goes according to plan, I will be selling some […]

  • Strange Search Terms Personified

    I’m sure that everyone who has a blog has at some point been enamored by the analytics – the back end information that your blogging platform provides. Personally, I can’t stop checking the stats to see how many people have visited, who has commented, and what links they’ve clicked on. I am also really intrigued […]

  • Starting Something New

    I’ve made bread many times in my life. I enjoy the rhythm of kneading dough and the precision in measuring. I like to watch the yeast bubble in the warm water and then peek at my dough rising under a dish cloth. I’ve turned to quickbread when I don’t have the time for a traditional […]