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  • Inspiration in a Fortune Cookie

    I’ve been away for the past three weeks traveling and enjoying the new year. Husband and I took a belated honeymoon from our April wedding. Internet access and posting has been spotty due to the travel, but now we’re back home where the modern conveniences of computers, the internet, and drinkable tap water abound. As […]

  • Asian-style Breakfast

    I am fortunate enough to have been able to eat, I mean live, in China for an entire year. Thirteen months, to be exact. While there, I had a hard time adjusting to breakfast. What I’ve typically eaten for breakfast over my life has helped to form this definition in my mind of what breakfast […]

  • Shades of Brown – 15 Minute Dinner

    Although this defies the rule of eating a spectrum of colors at every meal, I think this improvised dinner came together quite nicely. I had a craving for the nutty flavor of kasha, which cooks in under 10 minutes. This was so simple, I’m not sure I can even write a recipe for it, but […]