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  • The Great Italian Cookie Caper – Part Deux

    By jove, I think I’ve done it! After weeks – no – months, of dutiful testing, I’ve come up with my own personal perfect anise biscotti. This has been very hard work. I have the 5 extra pounds and content smile to prove it. Of course, it has been well worth the effort. I could […]

  • The Great Italian Cookie Caper – Part I

    A few weeks ago I had outlined the reasoning behind the Italian Cookie Caper. This winter has been an anise-flavored frenzy of cookie baking. I have made around 8 or 9 different versions of anise cookies since sometime in mid-January. I’ve studiously examined different recipes from books and online sources. I’ve combined and mixed different […]

  • The Great Italian Cookie Caper – the beginning

    I’m in love with an Italian (American) and I also am in love with Italian cookies. Since moving away from the Italian-American epicenter of Astoria, I’ve been sorely missing my Italian cookie fix. I know there are many places a short walk away from my office in Boston’s North End, that offer an assortment of […]