Strong to the finich, 'cause I eats me spinach

Spinach Drawing
I’ve been intrigued by the weekly contests posted on Food52 and would like to try to submit some recipes. I hope that people will like my recipes. I secretly also hope that maybe one day one of my recipes would be selected to be published! But that is like a pipe dream. For now, I’m happy to think about the food item(s) of the week and create recipes around them.

This week’s topic is spinach. I’ve been thinking about all the wonderful things you can do with spinach. I want something a little creative and more exciting than say, spinach salad, sauteed spinach, creamed spinach or spanakopita. Not that I don’t enjoy all of those spinach-creations (except maybe for the creamed spinach); I just think that a recipe that might be selected should be a little more original.

I’ll let you know what becomes of my spinach recipe. For now, I’m having fun dreaming of green.

What is your favorite way to eat spinach? Do you even like spinach?