Starting Something New

Bread Cartoon Panel 1

I’ve made bread many times in my life. I enjoy the rhythm of kneading dough and the precision in measuring. I like to watch the yeast bubble in the warm water and then peek at my dough rising under a dish cloth. I’ve turned to quickbread when I don’t have the time for a traditional bread, or I want something sweeter or smaller.

Bread Cartoon Panel 2

I have made muffins, rolls, dessert breads, breakfast breads and dinner breads. I’ve made baguettes and no knead bread. I have never, however, made a bread from a starter.

Bread Cartoon Panel 3

Last night, following the advice of this lady, I mixed a little flour, water, yeast and salt. I’m hoping something amazing is happening in my fridge while I’ve been at work. Tonight I’ll see what the starter will bring.

Bread Cartoon Panel 4

I’ve heard that it does wonders for the flavor and crust of the bread. Not to mention, it is incredibly easy. I’m hoping for a little magic; or at least a good loaf of bread!

Bread Cartoon Panel 5



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4 responses to “Starting Something New”

  1. ikon Avatar

    this is sooooo cute, i love your story!!! and your cartoon is so creative! i am very impressed 🙂
    However, I don’t have the patience to make either of the bread maybe I can be one of the judges and have you send me a slice or two?

    1. breadandbeta Avatar

      Not sure how well bread will ship. Maybe you’ll have to come visit to give it a try?

  2. Cait Avatar

    I love your blog Pia!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brandon Avatar

    I love the round starter! Adorable!