Spindrift: natural soda?

image from www.spindriftsoda.com The other day started out like most others, perhaps with an even greater likelihood of mediocrity than most. I was pleasantly surprised as to how the day actually turned out. A last minute lunch date with an old friend brought us to the North End neighborhood of Boston. I introduced friend to Boston Common Coffee Co. on Salem Street, a tasty and affordable choice in the area. Healthy sandwiches, home roasted coffee, awesome Chai tea, and the best cookies around keep me coming back when I forget to bring lunch or need an afternoon pick-me-up. We both decided to try a new beverage advertised on the counter display (the powers of marketing). We were so glad that we had! This was a soda that somehow is like an anti-soda: refreshing, low in sugar, fresh natural ingredients, and a cute label to boot! Spindrift Sodas are new to the market and Boston Common Coffee Company is one of the first places to carry them.

After downing the first sparkling lemonade, friend bought a second. While we were finishing our sandwiches, the soda delivery man/ owner/ producer/ one-man-show came in. I now want to keep drinking these sodas, and not only because the flavor is so good. Bill, the owner, is really friendly, excited, and knows what he is doing. With a background working in varied capacities across the food industry, he’s finally found his place and managed to bring a much-needed product to the market. Healthy, seasonal and locally made soda. It’s a revelation!

I think the reason I’ve never liked soda is because they are generally gross – too sweet, unnatural flavors, and too carbonated. Spindrift goes against general soda conventions, which is why the real flavors, light carbonation, and low sugar content were so delightful.

So, my uneventful morning lead to an afternoon of food, friends and a bit of adventure. I guess I shouldn’t judge a day by its morning, or a beverage by its genre.


6 responses to “Spindrift: natural soda?”

  1. Lewis Avatar

    sounds good, what flavors does it come in, where is it sold outside of Boston?

    1. breadandbeta Avatar

      So far, it’s available in four flavors: grapefruit, blackberry, mango orange, and lemonade. I think they’re working on new flavors that they plan to roll out soon. I’m not sure where it’s sold outside of the metro-Boston area. Maybe you could contact them to see if it’s sold in your area? Or, you could contact your favorite local store to see if they can carry it.

  2. Rick Avatar

    Oh man, I love Boston Common Coffee! They have free wifi!

    1. breadandbeta Avatar

      They are a pretty great place. Free wifi, good coffee, comfortable chairs, outdoor seating in the summer and a little cozy fireplace in the winter. What more could you really want?

  3. Tom Avatar

    Spindrift is now carried by idylwilde farms out in acton, ma which is about 30 mins west of Boston off of rte 2

  4. Nona Mills Avatar

    Oh man, I love Boston Common Coffee! They have free wifi!