Something Cookie-ing

mmm, cookies!
mmm, cookies!

I’ve been busy in the Bread and Beta kitchen lately. There are many recipes and stories I want to share with you. Yet for now, I’m working on something new. It involves sharing in the real, physical world, not just the virtual cyberspace world. If all goes according to plan, I will be selling some cookies this weekend at JP Open Studios. I’m helping out my friend Jeremy Ogusky at one of his ceramics booths in front of Ula Cafe. In turn, he’ll have some of my cookies available for sale at his other booth, outside of Stoneybrook Fine Arts. So, if you’re a beantown local, I hope you can stop by, say hi, and try some cookies. If not, well, I hope there will be an opportunity soon for you to try Bread and Beta cookies. Delicious, homemade, and all-natural.


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