Scones Revisited

Perfecting scones is something I’m quite pleased with. I think of this as one of the first recipes that I’ve come to on my own. I wasn’t taught how to do this at the side of a British Grandma. I never took a class on breakfast pastries. I didn’t even watch a YouTube video on the scone. Through reading recipes, adaptation and trial and error, I’ve created my own recipe that I love. I could really eat these scones every day (although, my arteries might eventually complain if I did that). This was one of the first recipes that I posted.


Making scones reminds me of all the reasons I love to cook and bake. They are easy to freeze and transport. A fresh warm scone is like a bit of morning magic. It is surprisingly easy to create this magic and I am so happy when people request them. I make them fairly regularly, but haven’t mentioned them since that first post.

early photograph of a scone

In this most recent incarnation, I put a little twist in the recipe, with a generous addition of cinnamon and oats. This was a good idea! Comparing the new pictures of scones to my early scone photos, I can see that my technical skills with photography and post processing are slowly improving. What do you think? Any tips for better pictures and styling? It’s a learning process that I know is something that so many food bloggers and photographers out there are constantly thinking about. I like to see how everyone continues to improve and to see how in a small way, I too, am a part of this growth.



*NB: If you want to freeze dough, wrap the dough once it has been separated into individual servings and freeze. No need to defrost before cooking – just give them a little extra cooking time.



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