Rosh Hashanah and the new year

reflections on water
reflections on water

Perhaps I take this blog too seriously. I panic that my post is not eloquent enough, not relevant to anyone, or well photographed and layed out. I worry that I post too infrequently. It’s these strange thoughts that get mixed in my head with all the recipes, ideas, photos and inspiration. Somehow it all swirls together and leaves me with writers block. I get distracted. I put off that post I started one more day, and then another day. Before I know it, it was started so long ago that I can’t remember the recipe, or the information is completely irrelevant and outdated. So, I’m trying a new technique. Sometimes a new tactic helps you see the world afresh. I will try the short post. Perhaps, it’s better to have a short, under-illustrated post than no post at all. What do you think? I suppose I won’t know if I don’t try.

In the spirit of the new year (Happy Rosh Hashanah!) I will try new things, be open-minded, roll with the flow, take things as they come, and be a more involved blogger. You see, I’ve been filling my blog time with other activities. I’ve discovered quilting. I’ve been so busy reading new blogs and exploring new ideas that writing has been pushed aside. With each thing learned, there comes a wealth of new rules, activity, related vocabulary and new phrases to learn. My mind is stretched in a new direction.

But in due time, writing is something I return to. On morning runs I compose in my head. I think of recipes and the best way to share them. I talk to Mike about flavor nuances, photo editing, camera features and dishes. I have the characteristics of someone bitten by the food blog. Yet I’m missing one key element: the blogging.

So, with this new year, I will try to put pen to paper (keys to screen?) and follow through with sharing more recipes and ideas. I will also try some shorter posts and learn to relax a little. I think letting go is just as important as embracing new ideas.