Quick Lemon Summer Pasta

There are nights when I come home and the thought of cooking makes me weak in the knees. All I want is to lay down on the couch with a glass of wine and thumb through take out menus while considering what to eat on a hot summer night. Unfortunately, the take out and delivery options in our neighborhood leave much to be desired.

light summer pasta
Last week during just such a night, I came up with this quick recipe using a few simple ingredients and some of the most amazingly fresh heirloom tomatoes I’ve ever encountered, thanks to our CSA membership from Stillman’s farm. Heirloom tomato from our CSAHaving a CSA membership reminds me of the seasons, the amount of flavor that one little vegetable can contain within its skin, and it reconnects me with my food source. It also makes us eat better. After unloading our weekly bounty, the fridge full of vegetables begs to be eaten. It lays on the guilt very strongly when I consider eating elsewhere.

With a sigh, I heaved myself off of the couch, grabbed my glass of wine, and came up with a dinner that was on the table in less time than take out would have taken. It didn’t require much effort, leaving me free to sip while I cooked, and was the perfect light summer dinner dish. You could easily use a different bursting-with-summer-fresh vegetable, but the tang of these heirloom tomatoes perfectly suited the meal.



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  1. Genevieve Avatar

    Beautiful! I love the idea of the Green Zebra tomatoes – it seems a little more exotic 😉