Personified Cookies bring Holiday Cheer

As usual, December has been a fun-filled whirlwind kind of month. Chanukah came unseasonably early and before I could blink, it was gone! This year it was a real challenge for me to find Chanukah candles. I know that Jews are far outnumbered here in Boston, but I didn’t think it was quite so extreme. I asked a woman restocking the seasonal/holiday aisle at CVS if they had any Chanukah candles.

“What is that,” she asked me, “like a birthday candle?”

She then proceeded to show me their assortment of tapers, and scented candles in large jars. Not quite what I was looking for. The holiday spirit of kindness and generosity reemerged when I visited the True Value Hardware store on Salem Street, not far from my office. This was after checking about 6 other stores. The gentleman who runs the store was out of Chanukah candles, but told me if I came back the next day, he’d bring me some from the store out by his house! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. For less than $2, this man has won a loyal customer; all of my hardware needs will now be met by this store.

Celestial CookiesThis brings me back to the cookies. As a cookie lover, I of course wanted to make holiday cookies. I had my dough all ready and started to roll it out, when I realized that I had a sad assortment of cookie cutters – squares, hearts and elephants do not a standard holiday cookie make. So, I turned to my now-trusty, True Value on Salem Street. For mere pennies, I was able to turn out gingerbread boys and girls, circles, stars, and moons!

With creative use of chocolate chips, candies, and decorating sugars, I was able to create a variety of festive holiday cookies. I personalized cookies for my family. Can you tell which is my mom and which is my dad?

Cookie Parents
Cookie Mom and Dad