Ooh la la – Knits for baby

I’m easily influenced by the seasons. In the fall when the mercury begins to drop, the leaves turn colors and fall from the trees, I find myself getting excited for cold weather activities. I dig out my sweaters from storage, start to bake more, and pick up the unfinished knitting from last year. This year has been no different and I’ve found myself once again to be a knitter. Although I’ve been knitting for quite some time (I learned when I was in middle school) I have mostly stuck to the basics – scarves, hats, socks. I’ve decided that I should branch out and try to elevate my craft to the next level. There has also been the added incentive that my sister recently had a baby. And what is cuter than knitting baby things?

After finishing the abandoned pair of mittens I started last year (yay for warm hands!) I started on the first knit for baby. My friend Emily lent me Simply Baby, a book of knitting patterns, and I chose a pompom beret and sock set. I know the baby is overwhelmed with pink clothes so I picked a lovely shade of pale green and a chocolate brown for contrast. It will be a perfect springtime hat.

I knit very tightly, this proved difficult when working on a baby sock with size 2 needles. This sock pattern was different than previous socks I’ve knit, the heel is turned, instead of made via a decrease-increase method. Here is the sock as I’m approaching the turning of the heel:

I managed to finish the set shortly before my first visit out to meet the baby. My sister lives out in San Francisco.

Reversing the main and contrast color worked out perfectly – I had just enough of each color to complete the socks and beret. The pompom beret was knit in the 3-6 month size, the socks I made in the 0-3 month size. One for her to wear now, one for later.

It was great to finally meet the baby girl. As you can see, she really likes her hat, and she has room to grow. Hopefully she’ll have a few more months to wear it before it becomes too small.

Knitting baby clothes is a great new activity. They’re small quick projects that will allow me to try new techniques. Next I hope to make a baby sweater for her. I’ve never knit a sweater before and I think it will be better to try it in miniature before I attempt a full-grown version.





2 responses to “Ooh la la – Knits for baby”

  1. ikon Avatar

    Ooooooh la la soooo cute and great job aunt pia!!!

  2. becca s. Avatar
    becca s.

    Wow, socks and beret look great! I am impressed that one can knit such small things!