On Blog Photography

It’s NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. For the month of November, I’m going to post every day. This is day 15 – halfway there!

Photography is a huge part of blogging. The images capture the eye, drawing the reader into the post. I hope it also entices you to test some of my recipes! Taking pictures is also really hard and something I’m still learning and working on. I’ve learned so much since the first few posts on this blog, yet still have so much to learn.

Luckily, my husband happens to also be a photographer, so I can ask all the questions I want! The difficulty is in learning to take good pictures all by myself. Perhaps you’ve noticed that sometimes the photos here are better than other times. Well, you can probably guess which ones he took and which ones I took! These two images perfectly illustrate my example.

ugly banana pancakes


The equipment helps, but only in as much as the user knows what to do with it! The image on the left is where I started when photographing these banana pancakes. The second image is the result after Mike came and helped, giving me advice on angle, lighting, food arrangement, and framing. I wish every picture I started could come out so attractive without having to call in my advising photographer! That’s where practice comes in.

NaBloPoMo is about committing to writing a post every day to improve your writing, get recommitted to the blog, and maintain a practice.  It’s also been about remembering why I started blogging and continue to do so, thinking about change and evolution, and challenging myself in all aspects – text, style, flavor and of course, images.

I hope that with continued practice, I can create more images like those on the right, without the constant need of an advising professional. But for now, I’m lucky to have a gracious teacher willing to offer advice, as I slowly find my own style. I hope that even if the dish doesn’t always look so grand, the flavor and taste can still be appreciated.