October: monthly favorites

fall sunset
October started off slowly and ended with a bang!

Unseasonal Fall Snow

I never expected snow for Halloween, nor did the thousands of people across the state that are still without power. I started a new job at the beginning of the month. I’ve been learning the ropes and adjusting to the new rhythms of work. This has kept me busy during the day. The evenings have been filled with some intense spells of cooking followed by delicious days of leftovers. Husband has been very pleased with my homemaking activities, even if some of the recipes have not been worth repeating.

So, I bring you a little bit of entertainment that I encountered over the month.

the Pupcake: cupcake for dogs

They Draw and Cook. This is an amazing website where people from all over the world submit illustrated recipes. Swoon for the recipes, double swoon for the illustrations.

In the vein of illustrations, here is a print diagramming different kinds of hats by Rifle Paper Co. They also have lovely recipe cards, a great way to share inspiration.

And in the spirit of Halloween, a MONSTER rolling pin and a rolling pin with monsters (and other characters).

And, if you haven’t had enough monsters, creepy cookies can be yours! Or, beautiful cookies, depending on the theme you are going for…