Me vs. The Moth

me vs moth
Me vs. The Moth

I used to work for a luxury sweater company when I was in NY. One of the benefits of this job was cashmere. Lots of cashmere. I have more sweaters than a girl should. Or rather, than a normal girl might have. I am very lucky, especially when the weather outside is blustery and Boston-like.

The problem is that we have moths. Whenever I see one I try to kill it. I want the other moths to see its demise. I want them to learn they are not safe here in this apartment and they should go somewhere else. My sweaters are not to be their breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the winter, the moths seem to die down. Now that the weather is changing, the new season of moths has returned with a vengeance.

I fed a moth to Pepe. He seemed to enjoy it. Then I read that you should not feed your Betta fish bugs that you catch, as they may harbor germs. So now when I catch a moth I just throw it away, and Pepe is none the wiser. He also enjoys his Betta pellets. I guess he does not have a discerning palate.

At the very least, catching moths has helped improve my hand-eye coordination.

Any suggestions for killing, catching or preventing moths?



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2 responses to “Me vs. The Moth”

  1. innBrooklyn Avatar

    Funny you should ask…! we featured a great moth remedy in a recent post, and its easy, pleasant and organic. Just sprinkle cloves in the sweater when you fold them, or make sachets with cloves.

    1. breadandbeta Avatar

      Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve used bay leaves and lavender, with some success. I’ll try cloves and see if it works.