May: monthly favorites



I guess May was such a busy month that I didn’t have much time to surf the internet. And somehow we’re already in the second week of June. How is it that the best months of spring seem to fly by so fast and the dragging winter months of February and March go on forever?

I’ve also been very involved with sewing. I’m not sure how interesting this is to all of you food bloggers, but I’ve been spending my time with needle, thread and fabric. I’m working on a number of secret projects. I can’t share them until they’re complete and gifted to surprised recipients. Come back in a few months and I hope to share the surprise.

The only truly amazing random encounter I discovered on the interweb this month was this unusual photographic portrait project – people having intense bursts of air blown onto their face, or a Blow Job.

In other food news, there are plenty of great upcoming events. I love the summer eating season!

The Food Experiment National Tour is returning to Boston again this year. Last year you may remember that they debuted with the Pie Experiment. I attended the event and wrote about the experience, but did not actively participate. This year they’re coming back on June 24th with the Cake Experience! I wish I could be a participant and share the cake love with everyone, but I have plans to be out of town that weekend. I hope some of you are able to attend.

Boston Food Swap is approaching its first anniversary. There are still spots open if you want to attend the Swap-iversary on June 21st.

The golden age of Food Trucks is approaching. To celebrate this, you can attend any number of Food Truck festivals across New England. The Boston Food Truck Festival was last weekend, and seems to have been well received.

Diner en Blanc has come stateside. After the launch in NYC last year, it’s being rolled out to other cities, including this one! Find out more about Diner en Blanc Boston and find out how you can participate in this all-white pop-up picnic on August 16th.


The pictures are rather unrelated. I saw a huge hawk in a tree and it took off right above my head. I was quite pleased that I captured it on camera!