Lost and Found

I’ve lost my voice. I mean this both figuratively and quite literally. I’ve come down with a horrid summer cold. The weather seems to be commiserating with my stuffy head, deep cough, and raspy-barely-there-voice by supplying us with dreary June days.

I’ve also seem to have lost my blogging voice. I hope that hot lemon-ginger tea will help restore both voices. In the few months that have passed since my last post, my blogiversary has come and gone. My birthday has come and gone. Spring has come, and is nearly gone. But the biggest detail, and what has kept me so busy these past few months, is that boyfriend Mike is now husband Mike.

Yes, after nearly eight years of dating we decided to join the ranks of the married. So, in a whirlwind of quick planning, and throwing caution the wind, we got married.

And I discovered other types of blogs. Like wedding blogs. And wedding craft blogs. And design blogs. I thought about our relationship and how we wanted to best share it with those nearest and dearest to our hearts. I discovered how much or how little planning could be involved in a wedding.

I will leave more details to come in future posts. For now, a toast to finding my voice again, and starting a new stage of life as the Mrs.!







3 responses to “Lost and Found”

  1. Michael Cardinali Avatar

    Cheers! I love the new stage of life!

  2. melissa Avatar

    Cheers! To a life of finding good things.

  3. Rick Avatar

    Wow! Congratulations, both of you!