Looking back and looking ahead


I know NaBloPoMo is over, but I guess I can’t quite help myself. So here I am, posting again. I mostly popped in to add some pictures to the posts from Day 28 and Day 30 as I didn’t have the ability to add drawings while on vacation. Now that I’m back home I can scan and add drawings with ease. And with those two additions complete, I’m not going to make any more edits to my November posts. Let’s look forward instead of backwards, shall we?

So, what lies ahead for this blog? That’s always hard to say. In the short term, (like for December) I hope to bring you a few more recipes, some tips, and maybe even some homemade gift ideas. Perhaps I’ll share inspiration from my favorite cookbooks. I’ve got a small collection that I quite like (shown above).

I have been thinking about what exactly is the purpose of this blog, and have been trying to more clearly define it’s mission. This will help guide the long-term trajectory. Here’s where I currently stand with my mission statement. It’s bulleted because I frequently think in bullet points.

  • To inspire people to try new recipes and flavor combinations that they might not have thought of or been too overwhelmed/ intimidated/ uninterested to try
  • To be inclusive of food restrictions for religious, philosophical, moral and health reasons, and to show how food can still be delicious even within these restrictions
  • To entertain and bring a smile to your face (perhaps even the occasional chuckle)
  • To educate by introducing new ideas, products, concepts, and thoughts that you might not have been aware of. These will be in some way related to food, cooking, eating, kitchen tools, food culture, farming practices and food sources, health, and food choices
  • To share my own unique view of the world with you, especially as it relates to comestibles