Kitchen Update

Happy New Year! I guess I’ve waited awhile to say that. I’ve also waited awhile to share some big news, although maybe some of you have picked up on it from the photos… We’ve moved!

We didn’t go very far away – to the other side of town – but it sure feels different. For the past five years, the Bread and Beta kitchen has been small. Really small. But we made it work – tools were tucked away in every inch of space, food was hiding in every nook (seriously, I kept canned goods under the TV, next to the movies, wine glasses, and liquor). I even entered our space into a small kitchen contest sponsored by Apartment Therapy. I think our kitchen was the smallest one in the contest that was a separate room, not just a corner of another room. We were working in about 45 square feet of space, people. But, that never hindered what we’ve been able to cook in that space. If anything, it fostered even more creativity and planning in cooking, food preparation, storage, clean-up, and photographing. Here are a few photos to show you just how tight a space we were working in.
Kitchen sink Kitchen stove

Kitchen view
Enough about the old space… I want to tell you about the new space. The kitchen has more than doubled in size. There’s a walk-in pantry! A dishwasher (that’s an actual appliance and not a human)! A gas stove! Oh, the amazingness just goes on.

New Pantry New Pantry

Packing, moving, and unpacking, has kept me busy all through the fall. Now that we’re settled in, I hope to return to posting more regularly. And with this new kitchen, I have more space to keep cooking and baking. I’ve already made a number of promising dishes to share with you. I’m working on tweaking the recipes and getting a photo area set up so I can easily record what I’m making.

New Kitchen

Here are some pictures of the new space! What do you think? I get excited thinking about all the things I’ll make in our new home.

New Kitchen

And my favorite part? The built in ironing board circa early 1900’s. I like that I can cook and iron the laundry at the same time. (Can you hear the sarcasm?)

Built in Ironing Board

More pictures of the new and old space are on my Flickr photostream for your viewing pleasure.





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    Beautiful kitchen!