January: monthly favorites

The new year began with a bang. The best part was spending the holiday enjoying some down time on the beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. You can get an idea why I liked it so much in the photo below. I’ve gathered some other interesting things I’ve come across this month:

Sihanoukville lunchLook at these luscious images of harvest bounty from Camera in the Cupboard. They’re reminiscent of an old master painting. The images are so realistic you can almost smell the fruits and vegetables!

HuTong Restaurant in Hong Kong. One of the best eating experiences of our vacation. A review to come soon.

Nothing unheard of, but worth being reminded about, National Geographic has amazing photos, many of which can be downloaded for breathtaking desktop backgrounds. An easy way to brighten up your cubicle.

Finally, a tutorial to make those cute fabric flowers you see everywhere.

When you don’t feel like cooking dinner, try knitting it. Interesting images of knitted food by Ed Bing Lee.

Sometimes you feel like having a beer and the timing is not right, maybe you’re in a meeting, or at the playground with small children, that’s where Beer Candy comes in. Delicious beer flavor in an easily portable, alcohol-free package.