In Memory of Fish

Beta has many meanings, see Wikipedia or Webster, if you’re not familiar with them all. In choosing the name for this blog, I was mostly in part thinking about our beloved Betta Fish, aptly named “Fish.”

We never would have become fish owners on our own. During Mike’s first semester of grad school all of the students in his class had to embark on a project that involved sharing something of themselves with all of the other classmates. One lady in his class, Corinne, embarked on a fish sharing project. She purchased enough Betta fish from a local pet store so that everyone in class could have one. She personally lugged all of the little fishies home on the subway in their little fish cups. She nurtured and kept these fish in her studio and crafted little care packages for each soon-to-be fish owner until her day came to share. The class was brought into the studio and each person picked out a fish of his or her own.

I was delighted and surprised when Mike brought our fish home. Not wanting to get too attached, and not being that original, we named him Fish. Well, time does change one’s thinking. Fish soon became a part of our little household. Bettas have a personality. When we would sit down to eat, he would swim around and change colors. He would make little sucking sounds and swim about when you were near. If left alone for too long, Fish would become sullen and dull looking. When we came back, he would light up and his colors would glow in effervescent glory.

Surprisingly our simple caring techniques seemed to be just what the Ichthyologist ordered. Our fish outlived all of his fishy brothers and sisters by weeks, days, months and years. In a way, we were the “winners” of the fish project. We can proudly stand with other fish owners of the world.

Last week, Fish got very sick. His health rapidly deteriorated and within a few days, he was dead. It seems ironic that after naming this blog after him, he would abandon ship. Yet, Fish will always have a place in our minds and hearts.

Now that we’re “fish people” we obviously wanted to get another Betta friend.  Last weekend we picked out a new little fella. So I would like to introduce you to Pepe. Pepe le Bleu.

He holds the position of honor on our counter, overseeing all cooking, baking, prepping and eating activities in our little domain.





3 responses to “In Memory of Fish”

  1. Frank Cardinali (U.F.) Avatar

    Sorry to hear bout the “fish”. Pets can end up as important to some of us as chillins, I know, Im one.

    1. breadandbeta Avatar

      Thanks for the well wishes UF.

  2. Lugia Avatar

    Be sure to give your betta a filter and a heater and more than 2.5 gallons, betta fish DONT do well in bowls because they are lethargic and sit around all day. A happy betta will constantly swim about, its colors look better and they are much healthier, their environment in the wild is 120gal of h20- they die much easier and quickly in ‘bowls which are not suited for betta fish (they require heaters and lots of water).