I’m ba-ack

back pain

October has come and gone, and for the first time, I’ve neglected to make even one little post over the course of a month. This was a month of ups and downs that required my full attention.

October started with a trip to San Francisco to visit my sister and attend a friend’s wedding. I have had back pain off and on all summer and had recently started physical therapy for a bulging disc. Unfortunately, the travel didn’t agree with my back. The day after our return, my back went out (more correctly my disc slipped way to the side). This rather painful incident means that I’m spending a lot more time on the floor stretching and doing exercises and a lot less time in the kitchen or in front of the computer. There are some days where I can’t spend any more time sitting at a desk than is absolutely necessary for work. And then there are other days that I feel almost normal and can cook and bake without any difficulties. It is a slow recovery and I continue my therapy. I’m hoping that my back will get better and interfere less with other things that I’d rather be doing (like developing recipes and sharing them with you). My back going out also happened to coincide with the busiest week I’ve ever had at work.

The following week, looking forward to a less hectic work-schedule, my dad had to have emergency surgery. After five days in the ICU and another six or so in the hospital, he is finally home and on the road to recovery. We’ll all be watching our health and diets more carefully now, and I hope to share some heart-healthy and tasty recipes with you.

So overall, October was not such a great month. We were so busy that there wasn’t even time to dress up for Halloween! I’m hoping November turns out better. So far, it’s starting out on a positive note.






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  1. Tal Cohen Avatar
    Tal Cohen

    miss you!!!
    feel better !!!!
    much love 🙂