Heart Attack Cafe

Heart Attack Cafe

When I encounter images like this, my first thought is “it’s amazing what people can do with Photoshop these days!” Except sadly, this is not a photoshop creation from a humorous designer’s vision. This is a real booth at a county fair in San Diego, CA. I give them a lot of credit for creativity. Most of the items I’ve never seen before on a menu, and frankly, I hope to never see again on a menu.

From a logistical standpoint, I’m wondering exactly how deep fried butter is made. I imagine it must be a process similar to deep fried ice cream – a frozen stick of butter is breaded and then dropped in the fryer. Does the butter inside stay somewhat solid? If not, biting into it would realize a torrent of molten butter.

What do you eat deep fried butter with? Do you put it on bread? I imagine the breading would make it difficult to spread nicely. Perhaps, you just bite into it and enjoy it as is. I do love butter, but I think that this might be beyond what I could handle.

What would you do with deep fried butter? What menu items have you seen that make your heart hurt just by thinking about it?

NB: There is no recipe included with this post. I think your arteries will thank me.


2 responses to “Heart Attack Cafe”

  1. Lewis Avatar

    deep fried butter is like toast with butter only the toast is thin and the butter thick. Strange image.

  2. Rick Avatar

    Somewhere recently, Ceelock and I saw a sign for a donut burger. The donuts are the bun.