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There has been much hype about a giant snowstorm across the entire east coast. In most places, it actually did become a big, enormous, once-a-decade snowstorm. Here in Boston, where winter is usually blustery and cold, it was 33 degrees out. We got a little snow, and then some rain, and then some snow; and a lot of wind. Nothing to write home about.

This lack of winter-snowstorm-weather calls for some consolation grilling. Luckily, Mike had the same idea. When I came home from work, he had already started dinner, based on an idea I’d had earlier in the day. If you can’t enjoy hearty, snowstorm-inspired food, then let’s eat like it’s summer!

Simple Grill Pan Chicken
Serves 3
For the Marinade

2x Ketchup
2x Mustard
2x Soy Sauce
1x Balsamic Vinegar

1. Combine ingredients using above ratios until you have appropriate quantity. Marinate boneless chicken breasts for at least 1 hour.

Other Ingredients
10 oz. Brussels Sprouts
1/2 large Onion
1 1/2 c. sliced Baby Portobello mushrooms
1 Tbsp. olive oil
Salt/Pepper to taste

2. Slice onion
3. Prepare brussels sprouts – remove outer leaves and any bad spots. Slice into quarters

4. Heat grill pan over medium heat, add oil
5. Add sliced onion, cook for several minutes until softened

6. Add chicken breasts to pan
7. Cook for 5 minutes
8. Add brussels sprouts, stir
9. Pour remaining marinade into pan
10. Flip chicken
11. Add mushrooms
12. Stir mushroom-sprout mixture until softened and chicken is cooked through
13. Remove chicken from pan
14. Season vegetables with salt & pepper
15. Arrange vegetables on plate and place chicken on top

We enjoyed this with ciabatta bread and a green salad with red peppers and carrots dressed with a mustard-lemon vinaigrette.

So take that snowstorm!



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