Feeling a little Rock n Roll

Need a little more rock 'n roll
Feeling a little rock 'n roll

I’ve been feeling the weight of repetition lately. A small change can sometimes have larger repercussions. I recently got a new haircut and am now sporting bangs. I haven’t had bangs since sometime in the late eighties. These bangs are much more rock n’ roll than middle school, thanks to the cutting wonders of Desirée at Station 8 Salon in Jamaica Plain.

With these new bangs comes a new-found feeling of lightness and freedom. I feel like my style needs to be updated to match the rockin’ haircut. I need to relax a little; be more spontaneous. Yet there’s something about cardigans, cooking lovely dinners for Mike and myself, and maintaining a food blog, that somehow doesn’t quite mesh with the rock n’ roll lifestyle that the bangs seem to demand. I’m working on creating a better balance.

Although the posts have been few and far between, the summer has been packed with travel, visiting friends and family, and a lot of fun. I’ve made the move to wordpress.org (thanks Ben!) in preparation for some blog changes. I’ve figured out how to change the colors and fonts to jazz it up a bit. This learning might mean that the appearance might be going through a number of different changes before it settles on a final design. Come back again to see what’s new.