Eyebrow Raising Sandwich

September has come and gone. The air has started to get colder and brisker. I’ve noticed the leaves beginning to change color and a few daring ones have already made their suicidal spiral down to earth. September is also a time for new beginnings. School starts back up and the entire city, especially the city of Boston, is abuzz with the excitement of new classes, new teachers, new friends, and new pens and notebooks (I might be the only one excited by that last one. I do love office supplies). Nothing says back to school quite like a bagged lunch. This is really quite funny in a way, as I bring my lunch to work almost every day. I guess I never outgrew that. My lunches are usually fancier than the PB & J sandwiches of my youth, although not always much fancier.

close up of best sandwichI know that most of you are so tired of eating sandwiches. You’ve probably eaten over 10,000,000 in your lifetime (or so it seems). It’s just a standard hum-drum mid-day mid-week meal to get you through the afternoon of meetings, emails, and whatever else you have scheduled. You no longer even raise an eyebrow over a sandwich. I am usually like you. But every now and then I find a sandwich that makes me pause to catch my breath. A sandwich that is deserving of one, if not two, raised eyebrows. A few weekends ago I made just such a lunch. I know you don’t really need a recipe for a sandwich, so here are the assembly instructions. Take a moment to enjoy each bite, because sandwiches like this don’t come around just every day of the week.

Amazing Sandwich
2 slices rustic bread (whole wheat or seven grain)
radishes, sliced thinly
2 hard boiled eggs
fresh fennel, cut up
1/2 avocado
sharp cheddar cheese
salt & pepper

1.  Lightly toast bread
2. Slice hard boiled eggs (love using this two halves of best sandwich7. Gently sprinkle fennel on top of radish. Be generous.
8. On other slice of bread, spread mashed avocado.
9. Add slices of cheese onto avocado.
10. Carefully turn avocado half of sandwich onto egg half of sandwich.
11. Savor and enjoy.

best sandwich of the summer