Crowning Glory – Wedding Cake


This time last year, we were in the midst of wedding planning. Mike and I planned our wedding in a little over 3 months. Yes, I know this is not the usual planning time-frame, but it made sense to us. I didn’t want too much time to fuss over details. I wanted to get right to the finish. I imagined springtime and flowers and all of our friends gathered around us. I didn’t imagine that this would pose any logistical difficulties. The time of planning was filled with nerves, excitement, and examining our relationship. There was a lot of exploration and learning. I wouldn’t say that it was all fun, as there were many moments of frustration. (Will we find someplace within our budget? Will I find a dress they can order in time? Will people be able to come?…)

One of the best parts of wedding planning was searching for a cake. For many brides, a wedding cake is their crowning glory. Layers upon layer of pastry are precisely decorated to mimic their wedding colors, style, or signature logo. I was only mildly intrigued by these features. I insisted upon flavor. Our cake had to be delicious! Attractive would be nice too, but that was not the primary feature for me. I wanted a cake to be better than a box cake and better than a cake that I could make. This may not seem like a lot to ask, but as a fairly decent baker, I wanted something that surpassed my own dessert creations. After some trial and mostly error tasting cakes at bakeries, I was about ready to make our wedding cake from a box mix, as that was better than the frosted cardboard we were sampling.

Then we found The Danish Pastry House and our lives changed. At least our wedding-planning lives changed. Our cake prayers had been answered! After stumbling out from the tasting in a sugar-induced stupor, we knew we’d found the place. The owner is not only the sweetest woman (pun intended), but she completely understood what we were looking for: something delicious. The added bonus is that they use marzipan instead of fondant to enrobe your cake, so even the smooth outside layer is packed with flavor.

I want all our future cake needs to be fulfilled by The Danish Pastry House. So far, we’ve already ordered a birthday cake from them, so I have high hopes for a long relationship. The best part – for our upcoming first anniversary they will bake us a complementary mini-cake using the same flavors as our wedding cake. No need to save the topper and suffer through year-old stale cake!