Common Ground with Boston Brunchers

Common Ground setup

I didn’t spend Mother’s Day with my mom. Or either of my grandmothers. Or my Mother-in-Law. Or any of the other fabulous moms or moms-to-be that I know. I should be ashamed. But I was actually really excited. I got to spend the day having brunch with another group of fabulous ladies (and a few guys) at a Boston Brunchers event! This was my first actual brunch event with this group. I’ve been trying to go for so long, but weekend plans, work, life, and distance has always seemed to transpire against me. This particular weekend, everything seemed to fall into place. You see, all those fabulous moms that I mentioned in the beginning are far away; I caught up with everyone over the phone and then headed out for adventure.

Loaded plate

Buffet lineCommon Ground, in Allston is a restaurant/bar that I would probably not have gone to, if not for this event. I’m really glad that I did get to go! The owners/hosts/chef/employees were all really lovely, friendly and accommodating. They have a buffet brunch ($9.99) every Sunday that they invited the Boston Brunchers to attend. If I’m looking for a brunch, I usually don’t stray far from my kitchen, or a short walk from home. Brunch is typically in Jamaica Plain, where I live. I’m glad I got to explore a new part of town. That said, I probably would not drive 20 minutes or take 2 trains or a bus just to go to brunch at Common Ground by myself or with my husband. There are probably few places that would get us to travel that far for a brunch. But for a large group of people, this was a great place.

The buffet was extremely varied. All the condiments, sauces, and toppings are house made. There seem to be a million bar/pub places in Boston. What makes some of them, including Common Ground, stand out, are the attention to detail. How many places cure and smoke their own bacon? Make their own ketchup? And make a variety of fresh desserts and adult-milk shakes to boot? (I don’t know either, that’s why I’m asking).

The red-meat-eaters enjoyed the home-made sausage and breakfast hash. I was pleased to try the turkey bacon – appropriately crispy. I think the standout items were the baked goods – apple cobbler, bananas foster french toast, and a muffin that was somewhere between brioche, popover and muffin – light, airy, and buttery. The eggs were fluffy and perfectly cooked and the pancakes were solid – nothing mind blowing, but not disappointing or leaden, either.

Banana Foster French Toast

This place was great for an event and I had a fabulous time meeting new brunchers and reconnecting with some that I’ve met before. I can’t wait to attend another event with this group!

(Full disclosure: This was a free brunch event. I did not pay for the food. I was asked to write a review of my experience in exchange. These opinions are my own and I’m trying to be honest about my experience.)