Cluck – I love an egg

If you haven’t caught on already, I love eggs. I’ve liked them as long as I can remember. Although I may have some difficulty cracking an egg, I try not to let that stop me.

I know there are all these arguments against eating them, cholesterol and blah blah. But, I try to listen to my body in determining what to eat and, well, my body wants eggs.

The egg is like a blank canvas. You can do many different things with it and it pairs perfectly with such a variety of flavors. I am never bored with eggs – scrambled, fried, poached, boiled, omelet…

They are the perfect comfort food for me. If I’m sick, tired, or don’t really feel like  cooking – an egg always seems to be the solution. Perhaps it stems from my early inclination to cluck like a chicken? Seriously, as a tyke I was obsessed with clucking. I was actually quite good at it, too, if I may say so.

eggsI’ve grown up from a young chick and have been experimenting with some more sophisticated egg dishes – although this recipe is far from that. When we were little, my sister would sometimes make me a “special” egg dish. I have no idea where she got the inspiration to do this, but she made me scrambled eggs with jam. We called them jelly eggs and they turned a lovely shade of marbled blue and yellow, or red and yellow (depending on whether she used strawberry, raspberry, or blueberry jam). The combination of sweet jam and eggs is delightful. Mike has scoffed about these Jelly Eggs for years, as I’ve told him fondly of the delectable treat that my sister would make me. I’m not sure a recipe is entirely needed, as I’m sure you get the idea, but just in case….

Jelly Eggs

Special Jelly Eggs
serves 2
4 eggs
1/4 c. milk
3 Tbsp. favorite jam or jelly
salt & pepper to taste
1 tsp. butter

1. In bowl whisk together eggs, milk and salt and pepper.
2. Set saucepan over medium high heat.
3. Melt butter in saucepan so your eggs won’t stick.
4. When butter begins to bubble, add eggs.
5. When the bottom of eggs have started to firm up, spoon jam into eggs.

add the jelly6. Using spatula or spoon, carefully stir eggs.
7. The trick to perfect scrambled eggs is not to over stir, so have patience.

slowly scramble the eggs

8. Slowly stir until eggs are cooked to your liking and jam has been dispersed.
9. Serve your jelly eggs with your favorite toast.



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