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  • Almost Instant Chicken Noodle Soup

    Almost Instant Chicken Noodle Soup

    It started yesterday, very subtly. At first I thought my throat was just dry, as the heat had been cranking at work. That seems to happen when the weather changes. One day is freezing cold (like Monday was) and they turn on the heat. Then the next day is warm and seasonal. Which is lovely […]

  • Quick and Easy Chicken Leg Dinner

    Quick and Easy Chicken Leg Dinner

    For everyone here in the northeast, you’re probably sharing in the sweltering heat of these past few days. It’s been perfect grilling weather. In fact, it might actually be too hot to grill. This combined with the fact that our backyard is currently undergoing a transformation leaving our grill inaccessible and we’ve been cooking inside quite […]

  • Chicken Soup for a Summer Cold

    I’m not sure if it’s worse to have a cold in the winter or the summer. Right now I have a summer cold. It’s interfering with all sorts of things, like breathing through my nose, talking at length, thinking, oh – and having outside summer fun. Mike has pointed out that every time I visit […]

  • Orchard Fresh Chicken

    Growing up, I always took it for granted that we had all the fresh apples we could eat. I grew up in the heart of apple country in upstate New York. The bus ride to school passed more cows and apple trees than I could count. Our generous neighbors let us roam their acres and […]

  • More Mango, Peas

    I like how colors combine in food. I feel a bit like a painter as I create a meal in my head. Sometimes I find myself making a meal that is predominately one color, like this brown dinner. Other times, I like to see how many different colors I can use to make a meal […]

  • Spring Chicken, dressed in Green

    The weather has gotten warmer and there is a bounce in my step. I want to eat foods that are vibrant and bright – bursting with flavor and excitement. And then it came to me, like a vision – what to do with the spinach. Thoughts of spinach and citrus and chicken floated in my […]