Back to Basics: Eggs

To me, eggs are one of the original comfort foods. I love them scrambled, fried, boiled and as an omelet. I’ve also recently discovered that I like them poached. I don’t particularly like them deviled, but it’s more an issue I have with mayonnaise, than an offense against the egg. Mike and I each have our egg specialties. He’s a master when it comes to frittatas, omelets and fried eggs. I usually am responsible for scrambled or boiled eggs. I guess I’m more simplistic.

I recently learned the secret to making the perfect eggs over easy. I don’t have enough time in the morning to fuss with breakfast, so I frequently turn to eggs as a quick dinner. I feel silly writing this down in a recipe, as it’s really all about the technique; I hope you’ll humor me and still read this. Maybe your next eggs will come out better for doing so.

Eggs Over Easy
serves 1


2 large eggs
Unsalted Butter
optional items: cheese, herbs, salt/pepper

Non-stick frying pan
Plastic spatula
small bowl

1. Heat pan over medium heat.
2. Add small pat of butter – less than 1 Tbsp. This is for flavor, not to prevent the egg from sticking, as you’re using a non-stick pan
3. slice cheese, if using.
4. When the butter is melted and starting to bubble, but is not yet brown test the heat of the pan. Wet finger and splash small drop of water into pan. Does it immediately sizzle and produce a satisfying hiss? If so, then you’re ready to begin.
5. Crack first egg into small bowl. If egg is bloody or doesn’t look right, you can easily throw it away. Pick out any eggshells from the bowl. This is a common problem I seem to have. Slowly slide egg into pan. It should sizzle and the albumen should immediately begin to turn white.
6. Repeat step 5 with second egg.
7. Cook until egg white sets and yolk begins to firm up.
8. Add salt, pepper and herbs. I added parsley and paprika.

Up close and personal
9. Carefully flip eggs with a flexible spatula.
10. Let cook face-down for 30 seconds to a minute.
11. Gently place sliced cheese on top of eggs.
12. Turn heat down to low and cover pan.
13. Cook covered for another minute or two until cheese melts.
14. Egg yolks should be not too soft and not too hard – perfectly runny.

I ate these eggs with a salad and a toasted bialy with avocado – this was a colorful and delicious meal.

I gobbled it up before I could take more pictures, I was just too hungry! You’ll have to believe me that this was beautiful and tasty.



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