April: monthly favorites


April was a great month – we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! April has always been my favorite month. The gloom of winter melts away and is replaced by the exuberance of flowers on every tree and sprouting up from lawns across the city. Spring flowers have always been my favorite (lilac, dogwood, magnolia, apple blossoms, lily of the valley, tulips). I could continue to wax poetic about the wonderful blossoms of Spring, but I’m sure you all know what I’m referring to. The manic weather of this year has wreaked a bit of havoc on some of the flowers, but the rest are pulling through nice and strong.

I did stop from smelling the roses for a moment or two and came across some excellent websites to share this month.

Everyone seems to have their favorite greasy-spoon Chinese restaurant. But what about the standout restaurants that offer superb examples of Chinese cuisine? CNN has created a list of the 50 best Chinese restaurants in the country. I can proudly say that I’ve been to a few on this list, and had already identified them as some of my favorites. Have you been to any of the top 50?

Tips from the Yumiverse has wonderful drawings explaining how things work and other life hacks. There is advice on everything from unusual uses for a microwave oven, to beer-spiked recipes for cooking adventures.

If you’ve ever completed a marathon, or maybe a century ride you know the sense of accomplishment that finishing an endurance race can bring. I can only imagine what completing a crazy obstacle-filled Spartan Race is like.

Here are drawings showing what would happen if Superheroes were Hipsters. I know, A.MAZE.ING. I guess I’ve been looking at a lot of drawings lately.

And speaking of hipsters, imagine what the results would be if hipster graphic designers rebranded all of our favorite iconic logos. Hipster Branding does just that.

Lately I’ve been busy with knitting and quilting projects. Sites like the Anticraft help me keep my sense of humor and not be overwhelmed by all of the amazingly talented craft bloggers. They have a book, too Anticraft: Knitting, Beading, and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister

That’s all for this months’ roundup. Only a few cooking-related items but plenty of laughs.