Acadia Trip

June is flying by. I can’t believe mid-month has already passed and we’re fast approaching the solstice. I’ve been so busy out having fun that I haven’t had time to post. I’m amazed by bloggers who don’t let the heat, summer, vacation, or a day job get in the way of their posting. Maybe they have an extra set of arms.

I did want to tell you a bit more about our adventures in Acadia National Park and on Mt. Desert Island. I know it was over two weeks ago, but I keep thinking back to different moments of the trip and smiling. So I thought if I shared a bit more, I could make you smile, too.

We also brought back a few “only from Maine” treats. The most unusual was a jar of pickled fiddlehead ferns.

pickled fiddlehead ferns
Now, I’ve never had fiddlehead ferns before, let alone pickled fiddlehead ferns. I had never really thought about pickling a leafy green, but I guess you can really pickle just about anything.

Fiddlehead Ferns
With blueberry tea, Bar Harbor brews, and pickled fiddleheads, we’ve managed to sustain our vacation with the little bits of Maine that came home with us.

Acadia National Park
This really is Maine, and not somewhere tropical

So on that note, I’ll let you get a better idea of why I keep thinking of this trip. The weather couldn’t have been better if we’d special ordered it. The forests were lush, the hiking trails were well marked, the air was fresh, and the food was delicious. The best part? That I got to share it with Mike.

breathtaking forest
lush forests
We made it to the top!
We made it to the top!
Our beaver friend
saw a beaver up close and personal.
Sunrise over the Atlantic
Working docks
Sunset. (and lobster)
Early morning shadows
Early morning shadows.
Pause for a pose
until our next trip!