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All choked up

Posted by on April 13, 2010
Artichokes are one of my most favorite foods. When we were younger, my parents would buy them as a special treat. I was more excited by this than a more normal child might have been by a Twinkie or a trip to Pizza Hut. I loved the unusual flavor of the artichoke. I would slowly scrape away the flesh from each leaf and see the pattern created by the...

Top ‘o the tapenade

Posted by on March 17, 2010
So it’s a stretch, but it is St. Paddy’s day. And, well, this post really has nothing to do with the Irish, or beer, or celebrations, or the only-in-Massachusetts holiday of Evacuation Day. But, it does have everything to do with tomatoes. Warm, amazing, flavorful tomatoes. At the tail end of winter, it is hard to remember the deep flavor...
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