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I am reaching the age where all of my friends are beginning to start families. Growing bellies abound and I imagine the distant sound of babies crying will soon follow. As a gift for the bundle(s) on the way, I thought a little hat to keep their keppele warm would be just the thing. I can never order off of a menu without at least one modification,...
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Distractions are adorable

Posted by on April 29, 2010
The temporary hiatus was really a wonderful vacation – no email, no blog posting, and (mostly) no internet. I feel rested and relaxed. I like having a break from my normal routine. Upon return, the routine seems not quite so routine. I didn’t get much chance to cook while I was away. Just one batch of anise biscotti. My sister didn’t...
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Ooh la la – Knits for baby

Posted by on February 6, 2010
I’m easily influenced by the seasons. In the fall when the mercury begins to drop, the leaves turn colors and fall from the trees, I find myself getting excited for cold weather activities. I dig out my sweaters from storage, start to bake more, and pick up the unfinished knitting from last year. This year has been no different and I’ve...
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