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Heart Attack Cafe

When I encounter images like this, my first thought is “it’s amazing what people can do with Photoshop these days!” Except sadly, this is not a photoshop creation from a humorous designer’s vision. This is a real booth at a county fair in San Diego, CA. I give them a lot of credit for creativity. Most of the items I’ve never seen before on a menu, and frankly, I hope to never see again on a menu.

From a logistical standpoint, I’m wondering exactly how deep fried butter is made. I imagine it must be a process similar to deep fried ice cream – a frozen stick of butter is breaded and then dropped in the fryer. Does the butter inside stay somewhat solid? If not, biting into it would realize a torrent of molten butter.

What do you eat deep fried butter with? Do you put it on bread? I imagine the breading would make it difficult to spread nicely. Perhaps, you just bite into it and enjoy it as is. I do love butter, but I think that this might be beyond what I could handle.

What would you do with deep fried butter? What menu items have you seen that make your heart hurt just by thinking about it?

NB: There is no recipe included with this post. I think your arteries will thank me.


  1. Lewis says:

    deep fried butter is like toast with butter only the toast is thin and the butter thick. Strange image.

  2. Rick says:

    Somewhere recently, Ceelock and I saw a sign for a donut burger. The donuts are the bun.

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